2020 Halloween Winners

The moment that you’ve all been waiting for….
The winners of the 2020 Sligo Woods Civic Association Halloween Decorating Contest…

Best Overall—1008 Kerwin
Best Nighttime—10411 Procter
Best Daytime—10413 Procter
Best Theme—10907 Breewood Court

Honorable Mentions—1108 Carson Street, 906 Laredo, 704 Orange

Best Block—Robin Road

There were many more great Halloween displays in the neighborhood.  Excellent show of neighborhood spirit this year.  Be sure to check out not just the winners, but the whole neighborhood.

Special thanks to Mary Moore for again organizing this event and to the volunteer judges.

Todd Sleeman
President, Sligo Woods Civic Association

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2020 Halloween Decorating Contest — Sligo Woods’ 3rd Annual

Celebrate Halloween and join in a friendly decorating competition—fun and full of beautiful community spirit.  You are invited to take part either by decorating your house/yard or by volunteering to serve on the team of judges.  Winners earn a certificate and have a sign posted in their yard (later collected for re-use next year).  For viewing fun, the winners’ addresses will be emailed to our membership, as well as posted on the website.

Judging categories will be:

Best Overall
Best Theme
Best Daytime
Best Nighttime
Honorable Mention
Best Block

How to take part in the fun
Nominations are due to moorem09@verizon.net  by Thursday, October 22nd.  Judging will take place that Friday and Saturday, with winners announced on Sunday, October 25th.  Please email moorem09@verizon.net as soon as possible with your nominations or your willingness to serve as one of the judges.

1. Open to anyone living in the Sligo Woods neighborhood (judges’ homes excluded)
2. Address numbers must be visible from the street day and night.
3. Each home can only win in one category.
4. Homes with decorations left up from previous holidays are ineligible.

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October 2020 Activities

I can hardly believe that it is the first day of October already!  The leaves are falling, and there are way too many pumpkin flavored items at the store (Pumpkin Twinkies, Pumpkin Pringles!).

Halloween Decorating Contest     It is terrific to see people already decorating for the fall contest.  We will hold our annual decorating contest on Friday, October 23, and Saturday, October 24.  Winners will be announced that Sunday.  If you would like to nominate a house (including your own) send Mary an e-mail.  If you would like to participate as a judge, please mail Mary soon (please note: judges will be driving on their own this year).

Halloween Parade     We are looking for someone to run our annual Halloween Parade.  Obviously, this will require some changes to maintain participant safety. If you are interested in organizing this fun event, please send a message to the civic association e-office.

Fall Yard Sale     There will not be a fall yard sale this year.  Depending on the situation, we may consider hosting a spring yard sale.

Todd Sleeman, President
Sligo Woods Civic Association

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Coronavirus Mask Project 2020 — March to May

Scroll down for May 15th update

400 masks headed for Holy Cross Hospital

Here’s the story!  On the morning of March 19th, the 160 people signed-up on the Sligo Woods Civic Association’s listserv got an email from one resident, asking if maybe others in the Sligo Woods neighborhood could do for our local hospitals what an Indiana hospital had described online: making home-sewn cloth masks. This immediately sparked a response by Carson’s Holly Harness:  Yes! We should make a concerted effort to find the seamstresses and sewing machines in our community and gather all the necessary materials to make these.   We can donate them to Holy Cross and other local hospitals!  There followed such a flurry of questions, answers, ideas and interest that the project soon had a name and its own Facebook group:  the Neighborhood Mask Making Project.

On April 14th, Laredo’s Judy Weinberg reported to the listserv:  The Neighborhood Mask Making Project, begun here in Sligo Woods and now spanning Silver Spring and beyond, is very happy to announce today’s delivery of 400 homemade face masks to Holy Cross Hospital. This is our second delivery. We now have delivered a total of 587 masks to HCH. They are being used in the ER and other departments. Thank you to the many members of our community who are supporting and encouraging us. This Project is truly a neighborhood effort and couldn’t continue without you! We intend to continue making face masks for our local health care workers.  — Holly Harness and Judith Weinberg

May 15th Update

The Neighborhood Mask Making Project, begun right here in Sligo Woods, has donated more than 1,700 homemade two-layer fabric face masks to Holy Cross Hospital and other area organizations.  At present, we are running low on fabric.  In our healthcare workers division, we use only 100% cotton tightly woven fabric.  In our community outreach division, we can also use blends such as cotton/polyester.

Here are two ways you can help: donate materials or cover costs. Needed donations are: high-thread-count sheets and pillow cases; men’s shirts; tightly woven but not heavy curtains/drapes (no sheers)and lightweight, unpilled flannel, including sheets and baby blankets. Or purchase a gift card for the project from G Street Fabrics, a long-running and local family business that sells high quality fabrics that meet our needs; their phone number is 240-283-8300.  You can reach the Project by contacting Laredo’s Judith Weinberg via the civic association’s e-office with an email to SligoWoods@gmail.com.   And thank you!

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Tree Rescue for the Sledding-Hill Woods

Robin’s Road’s Dave Ottalini with vanquished vines

Ten Sligo Woods neighbors successfully rescued a number of trees along the south side of the sledding hill.  These threatened trees—mainly maples and tuliptrees—had been overgrown by porcelainberry, an invasive vine that climbs up the trunk and branches, and eventually weakens, smothers and kills even quite large trees.  The work was done on two Saturdays and two Sundays in early March—begun the 7th-8th and, by then carefully keeping social distances, the 15th-16th. Working in one, some, or all four of the afternoon sessions, Sligo Woods participants were from Tenbrook, Robin, Dennis, Kerwin, and Calumet, joined by a couple friends from beyond our neighborhood.

Along with the tree rescuing, there was also the satisfaction of bagging up trashy litter and separating out for recycling some unsightly stuff that’s been accumulating for years on the woodland floor, behind shrubs and out of easy reach.

Sign says: “Sligo Woods Civic Association at work”

The work was done in an arrangement with Montgomery Parks, since the sledding hill and its bordering woodlands are part of Sligo Creek Park.  Parks staff provided their signature orange trash bags, the loan of some tools and provision of mud gloves, and the post-project pickup of the accumulated trash and an impressive pile of downed vines.  Though quite a heap, they were only a portion of all that had been removed, since much of the invasive material was left on the woodland floor to decompose back into soil, as is best for the health of a woodland ecosystem.  But as long, viney tangles impede the thoroughness (and sure-footedness) of the removal work, some were hauled out into the mown-grass area for removal by Montgomery Parks staff.

Stay tuned for announcement of the next round of tree rescue, expected next winter (the best season for such work), when trees on the opposite (north) side of the Sledding Hill will receive the energetic attention of the Sligo Woods Civic Association.

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An all-member email sent Friday, March 13, 2020

With the continuing developments with the Covid-19 situation, and following suit of local, state, and national government, the Board has decided to postpone the Sligo Woods quarterly program.  The program, originally scheduled for Thursday, March 26th, we expect will now take place on Thursday, April 30.

As our annual meeting, there is certain business to be taken care of, including voting in new board members for the positions coming open, and approving the budget for the upcoming year.  All board members serving in a vacating position have agreed to stay on until elections can be held.  While the budget still requires approval for the upcoming year, we will continue to pay for items that fall under our normal operating expenses (PO Box, website, etc.).  Think of it like the continue resolutions that we are all too familiar with; we honor existing commitments without taking on any new ones.

All of us will experience some difficulties in the upcoming weeks: physical, mental, emotional, and financial.  Some will be staying home from work, some will be working more (and under adverse conditions); some will be taking care of ill family members; some will not be able to visit friends or families; some will lose income because of business closures.

The neighborhood has an established communication mechanism.  Official info is emailed to all members who have provided an e-mail address.  Postings and replies and e-discussions among members are possible via the listserv–a googlegroups arrangement.  If you are not on the listserv but now want to sign up, just email the civic association’s e-office and ask for info to be sent to you so you may join.  Make use of these resources.

There has been a lot of talk of ‘social distancing’.  I don’t care for the term.  I feel a more appropriate term is ‘physical distancing’.  The primary way to avoid contracting (and spreading) the virus is to not be around someone who has it.  It stands to reason that if we can minimize close contact with other people, the odds go down that we will run into someone who has the virus.  We, as families, neighbors, and a community, can certainly remain social and remain safe.

Our community has held some great events: The Winter Social, the Summer Picnic, the Halloween Parade, and many great quarterly programs.  We’ve put faces to names, met new people, learned about our local community (and eaten some really good food).  Let’s keep this momentum going.

Wave to someone (everyone) when you’re out walking; check in with people by phone or e-mail; see if a neighbor needs some extra help in these trying times.   Find other ways to keep the community spirit strong.  Virtual book club, recipe swaps, online meeting software to host a cocktail party (and you don’t need to clean the house!).  These are just a few ideas.

Be patient with people and show a little extra consideration, especially when it’s the hardest; we’re all stressed about this and may not be at our best.  A little extra kindness or a thoughtful gesture goes a long way.

Todd Sleeman, President
Sligo Woods Civic Association


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Forecast was right: 100% neighborly fun at Chili Social

by Todd Sleeman, President

This year’s Winter Chili Social was a great success, with more than 30 people taking part.  We enjoyed meeting several people new to the neighborhood, and also welcomed a couple established neighbors new to the civic association.

To see how much fun we were having and the gorgeous food we shared, take a look at this

two-minute video.

Cheers for Nathan Ochole of Calumet Drive:  he’s a professional videographer and has generously donated his time and skills to offer this to our neighborhood.  Thank you, Nathan!

The evening started with a very brief (but efficient) business meeting.  Doug Grove of Snure Road was elected by acclamation to the open at-large position on the Board.  Doug’s is already known to some, as he has served since 2016 as an election judge—including, for the past two years, at our own precinct.  He said,

I have become interested in the Sligo Woods Civic Association as a way to meet some of my neighbors and to learn of matters of local concern.  I don’t come to the Board with any specific platform or agenda, but do offer an ability to listen and to give a modest amount of time to the association’s efforts.  We all gain when we can interact socially at the neighborhood level.  When issues arise, an active association makes it easier to garner and distribute information, and to have an established forum where alternative views may be presented.

Join me in thanking Doug for stepping up!

If anyone feels left out (or inspired), there’ll be three Board positions coming open in March.  More info will be coming on those soon, and if you think you may be interested, don’t hesitate to contact me.

End of meeting, start of eating.  The spread was absolutely amazing.  There were six different chilis, ranging from white bean to vegetarian.  I can say with authority that they were all very good (I had seconds to make sure—I think that’s one of my job duties).  We also had rice, beans, chicken, corn bread, beer bread, sourdough bread, and salads.  And the dessert table!  Cheesecake, brownies, the chocolate stick things (sorry, Audrey, I didn’t catch their name despite enjoying several), pistachio cake, the mint fudge.  I apologize if I missed naming your dessert; I’m pretty sure I tried them all though.  We have some great cooks in Sligo Woods!

Thank you to all who came and shared the evening and their dishes with neighbors.

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Winter chili main course–with a side of business–on January 12th, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Come eat, come talk!  Some of the eating will be chili, some will be other dishes.  Some of the talking will be with neighbors sitting at the same table, some will be afterwards–for those who can stay for a bit of business.  We will vote on a nomination to fill an at-large Board position, as well as discuss project ideas for 2020.

What a congenial way to have Sunday supper!  Bring a dish, if you can (or just your appetite, if you can’t).  Serious planners can coordinate with others via a sign-up here.  If you can bring a mug/cup for your own use, we’ll lessen our landfill.

The civic association sponsors this event, which is open to anyone who lives in the Sligo Woods neighborhood.  All are welcome.   Questions?  Email < SligoWoods@gmail.com >

Sunday, January 12th, starting at 6:30 PM
Sligo-Dennis Park Building
10200 Sligo Creek Parkway

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Holiday Cheer, 2019

For the fourth year, the civic association held a Winter Holiday Decorating Contest–a friendly competition to highlight holiday spirit in our neighborhood. Judging was held December 13-15. Warm thanks to Justin Way’s Mary Moore for leading the event–and for these photos.

Best overall, 2019

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2019 Halloween Decorating Contest: Winners Announced!

It was another great year for the Halloween decorating contest with Sligo Woods residents showing their “spirit” with great displays.  Our judges had a hard time deciding “witch” displays were the best.  “Ghost” see them before they disappear.  Click here for 2019 winner photos and names.

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