Beltway program at 2019 annual meeting

The proposed widening of the I-495 Beltway is an issue gaining more and more public attention, but the path of the proposal’s review, involving a series of state and federal decisions and negotiations, is both complicated and unfamiliar–and the role of the public is also unclear to many citizens.  At the 2019 annual meeting, we will hear the county’s deputy director of transportation, Mr. Chris Conklin, talk about “Beltway Basics.”   This will be a non-partisan presentation (just as Tenbrook’s Michele Moller’s “School Board Matters” was at last June’s program-meeting).

The talk will be preceded by annual-meeting business–treasurer Glenn Moller’s report on how we’re doing financially, a vote on adding a Purpose paragraph to the Bylaws (Bylaws & proposed changes), a question about preferred meeting location, and election of new Board members to fill three positions as Aileen Schulte (at-large), Mary Moore (secretary), and Laura Mol (president) complete their terms.    (Open position info here.)

Monday, March 25th  ♦  7:15—refreshments, sociability, voter sign-in                                               ♦  7:30—annual-meeting agenda  ♦  Beltway talk, Q&A, follows til 8:45

Good Shepherd Church — 818 University Blvd W.
On foot/bike, the parking lot can be reached from Breewood Road’s dead-end, just past Snure.  ♦  By car: from the “inner loop” of  the divided Blvd (Rte 193-east/southbound, heading toward Four Corners), turn into the one-way entrance driveway and continue to the parking lot behind the church building.  ♦  Look for the preschool door right off the parking lot and down a couple steps.  There’ll be light and laughter coming from within.  All are welcome!

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