Tree Walk, Fall 2019

A group of fifteen strolled up Tenbrook Drive, looking at the preponderance of streetside silver (shown here) and red maples, augmented by more tree and shrub diversity in yards.  We  admired  a fine  sycamore,  with  its  multi-colored  bark, as  we turned  onto the connector  path  heading  west  into  Sligo  Creek  Park.  There  we  saw the  contrast of woodland  species–Tuliptrees towering  way  overhead,  spicebush  more  at  eyelevel in the understory.

We talked about plans to remove the smothering porcelainberry vines from the fine, large trees bordering the Kids’ Sledding Hill (Tenbrook at Robin).  That’s a winter project: when leaves have died back and there’s visibility for the careful cutting required.  If interesting in learning more, contact Laura Mol < LauraMolMail |at| gmail >.

Thanks to Helena’s Sheri Arnell for the photo above and for recording a list of trees seen on the Sligo Woods fall tree walk of 2019.

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