About the Civic Association

There are almost 700 households in the Sligo Woods neighborhood, and membership in the Sligo Woods Civic Association is open to all who live here, whether they rent in the neighborhood or own a home here. Sligo Woods Civic Association is a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization incorporated in the state of Maryland.

A civic association for our neighborhood was first formed in 1950, when the first homes had just been built, and the organization was initially called “Upper Sligo Civic Association.”  In 1958, the members voted to change the name to “Sligo Woods Civic Association.”   Sometime in the early 1990’s, the association dwindled into complete inactivity.

In 2014, a new edition of the Sligo Woods Civic Association began to form—initially with 40 residents expressing interest after they took a little flyer from a table outside the polling place of primary elections of that year (our precinct boundaries are identical with those of the Sligo Woods neighborhood).

The Sligo Woods Civic Association, an all-volunteer organization, exists to:

    • Build community—providing events and projects to meet neighbors
    • Be well informed—providing information relevant to our community, creating channels of communication among ourselves, and from County agencies and others
    • Solve problems constructively—providing a forum for discussing issues affecting our neighborhood and advocating for solutions, not simply opposing any change to our area

We seek to be inclusive, welcoming, and friendly–working and socializing together to make our neighborhood an ever-better community.

As of January 2020, there were 275 member-households enrolled–more than a third of the neighborhood.  After payment of initial dues ($15/year), members remain enrolled regardless of payment of dues for subsequent years, and an annual invitation is made to renew their payment of dues for the year.

There are quarterly program-meetings, detailed here, open to all in the community–as are all association events and activities, regardless of membership.  Activities and projects vary, following the interest of members and available leadership.

The association has a growing list of social opportunities:  an annual Halloween parade (begun in 2014), a summer picnic (since July 2015),  a holiday potluck in December (also 2015), a community yard sale (begun September 2016), an outdoors holiday-decorations display/contest (started December 2016), and a winter potluck (now held in January).

Come, join in!

Last update: March 12, 2022