Voting Districts

Sligo Woods precinct
The bounds of the Sligo Woods neighborhood are identical to the boundaries of our voting precinct, which is #13-42 (sometimes written 13042).  Our polling place is the former elementary school for our neighborhood, then called Macdonald Knolls—and now again called Macdonald Knolls…Early Learning Center.  The building is shared by The Arc, often called Karasik.  Address: 10600 Tenbrook.

U.S. Senators from Maryland
Ben Cardin (D) since 2007
Chris Van Hollen (D) since 2017

U.S. Representative in Congress
Congressional District 8:  Jamie Raskin (D) since 2017

Maryland Legislative District 20
State Senator Will Smith (D) since 2016
Delegate Lorig Charkoudian (D) since 2019
Delegate David Moon (D) since 2015
Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins (D) since 2017

Montgomery County Council 
District 5
Councilmember Tom Hucker (D) since 2014
At-Large Council members:
Gabe Albornoz (D) since 2018
Evan Glass (D) since 2018
Will Jawando (D) since 2018
Hans Riemer (D) since 2010

Montgomery County and Frederick County comprise Maryland’s Sixth Circuit, to which judges are elected, appearing on both Republican and Democratic primary ballots.

Montgomery County Board of Education
All voters in the county may vote for all district races, as well as at-large races.  The five districts are used in the residency requirement for candidates standing for election in the non-at-large races (we are Education District 4, within whose bounds lives Ms. Shebra Evans of Silver Spring).

Information from: Maryland Board of Elections online; League of Woman Voters

Page last revised: June 20, 2021