Join Us!

Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or a long-time resident, you’re very welcome to join us!

The Sligo Woods Civic Association is an all-volunteer community organization, which depends entirely on the dues and donations of its members.  Dues are $15 per fiscal year, which begins on April 1.  The elected Board is responsible for budget and expenditures–as detailed in the Bylaws–and makes a financial report at the March program-meeting (which is an annual meeting, with elections as well as the fiscal report).

To become a member of the Sligo Woods Civic Association, please fill out the membership form, linked below, and bring it to any meeting, with your dues in cash or check.  You may also mail the form and dues to:  Sligo Woods Civic Association, PO Box 3083, Silver Spring MD 20901.  You can also pay online via the “Donate” button below.  Once enrolled, new members are invited to join the Association’s listserv–a googlegroup that allows members to email others on the listserv.

English & Spanish Membership Form

Households that are already members may use this same form to contribute dues for the current year.  (You’ll know that your household is already enrolled in the civic association you already receive program/meeting/event announcements from
< >.)  Once enrolled, members continue to be members with or without contribution of current-year dues…but (obviously) ongoing contributions  support programs and projects for the Sligo Woods neighborhood.  Payment of current-year dues is also a requirement for voting and for standing for election to the board.

At this time, membership dues and donations are not tax deductible.