2021 Winter Holiday Contest

Best Nighttime, Procter

This was was a very exciting year!  We had some new judges and many more homes in the competition this year.  Judging was very difficult, particularly the best block.  Make sure you drive down the past winners of best block as they should not be missed –far end of Tenbrook, Gabel Court, Justin Way, Breewood Court.

Congratulations, Winners!
Best Overall – Procter
Best Nighttime – Procter
Best Daytime – Kerwin
Best Theme – Laredo
Best block – Kerwin Ct
Honorable Mention – Whitehall
Honorable Mention – Robin
Honorable Mention – Breewood

Best Overall, Proctor

Special thanks to our new and returning judges– and to Justin Way’s Mary Moore for organizing again this year. 

Honorable Mention, Robin

Honorable Mention, Whitehall

Best Daytime, Kerwin

Best Theme, Laredo

Best block, Kerwin Court

Honorable Mention, Breewood

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