Forecast was right: 100% neighborly fun at Chili Social

by Todd Sleeman, President

This year’s Winter Chili Social was a great success, with more than 30 people taking part.  We enjoyed meeting several people new to the neighborhood, and also welcomed a couple established neighbors new to the civic association.

To see how much fun we were having and the gorgeous food we shared, take a look at this

two-minute video.

Cheers for Nathan Ochole of Calumet Drive:  he’s a professional videographer and has generously donated his time and skills to offer this to our neighborhood.  Thank you, Nathan!

The evening started with a very brief (but efficient) business meeting.  Doug Grove of Snure Road was elected by acclamation to the open at-large position on the Board.  Doug’s is already known to some, as he has served since 2016 as an election judge—including, for the past two years, at our own precinct.  He said,

I have become interested in the Sligo Woods Civic Association as a way to meet some of my neighbors and to learn of matters of local concern.  I don’t come to the Board with any specific platform or agenda, but do offer an ability to listen and to give a modest amount of time to the association’s efforts.  We all gain when we can interact socially at the neighborhood level.  When issues arise, an active association makes it easier to garner and distribute information, and to have an established forum where alternative views may be presented.

Join me in thanking Doug for stepping up!

If anyone feels left out (or inspired), there’ll be three Board positions coming open in March.  More info will be coming on those soon, and if you think you may be interested, don’t hesitate to contact me.

End of meeting, start of eating.  The spread was absolutely amazing.  There were six different chilis, ranging from white bean to vegetarian.  I can say with authority that they were all very good (I had seconds to make sure—I think that’s one of my job duties).  We also had rice, beans, chicken, corn bread, beer bread, sourdough bread, and salads.  And the dessert table!  Cheesecake, brownies, the chocolate stick things (sorry, Audrey, I didn’t catch their name despite enjoying several), pistachio cake, the mint fudge.  I apologize if I missed naming your dessert; I’m pretty sure I tried them all though.  We have some great cooks in Sligo Woods!

Thank you to all who came and shared the evening and their dishes with neighbors.

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